“Creating flexible data services for enterprise SOA with WSO2 Data Services” Webinar on August 26, 2008. Register Now!

Most companies have large datasets stored in relational database managers such as Oracle, DB2 and upcoming open source databases such as MySQL. As enterprises move into developing SOAs for their internal infrastructure, exposing this data has become a critical component of the architecture.

The most common practice today, for sharing data is batch loads and exports. But the emerging service oriented approach has some significant business benefits to offer such as -

  • Real time data access resulting in less out-of-date information
  • Systems access only the data they need - reducing the chance of data theft or loss
  • Access control and audit can be used to improve overall information security

The WSO2 Data Services solution is an extremely simple and elegant mechanism to take data and make it available as a set of WS-* style Web services or as a set of REST style Web resources. As well as major databases such as Oracle, DB2 and MySQL, you can also extract data from Excel and CSV files.

This session shows how the WSO2 Data Services capabilities can become a key component in your SOA/Data strategy. Using simple screens and a basic knowledge of SQL, any database programmer or administrator can configure and expose data as services.

Your presenter, Sumedha Rubasinghe, is the lead developer of the WSO2 Data Services solution. An Apache committer and developer at WSO2, Sumedha has significant project experience in integration, Web services and J2EE design. The session will be moderated and introduced by Paul Fremantle, CTO and Co-Founder of WSO2.

Title: Creating flexible data services for enterprise SOA with WSO2 Data Services

Date: August 26, 2008

Start Time: 9.00 am PST

Duration: 60 mins

Presenter: Sumedha Rubasinghe

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