Clustered deployment support now available in WSO2 ESB 1.6

The WSO2 ESB team announced the release of version 1.6 of the Open Source Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) today.

The WSO2 ESB is an ultra fast, light-weight and versatile Enterprise Service Bus based on the Apache Synapse ESB. It allows you to Connect, Manage and Transform service interactions between Web services, REST/POX services and Legacy systems.

This new release has clustered support built-in for the Cache/Throttle Mediators and the ability to pin Proxy services or Tasks to server instances on a cluster.

In addition, maintenance mode support for the HTTP/S transports, where it allows a node to stop accepting new connections while continuing to process already accepted messages has also been included among JMX Monitoring support, Email transport, improved JMS/VFS transports and improved REST/POX support.

Callout Mediator, for blocking service calls to be implemented in a simple way and Annotations support for POJOCommand mediator are further enhancements of this new release.

The WSO2 ESB is a fully open source product and all development activities takes place openly, and is released under the Apache Software License v2.0. It is based on the popular Apache Synapse ESB and ships with a graphical management and administration console that allows easy configuration, development and monitoring, and an integrated Registry/Repository.

Version 1.6 of the WSO2 ESB is available for download. Get your copy right here