"Understanding how to extend the WSO2 ESB" Webinar on 12/11/07 - Register now!

Join WSO2's ESB experts in this webinar, where we will be talking about how to extend the WSO2 ESB using Java and scripting languages. The WSO2 ESB is highly extensible with new mediators, scripts, tasks, POJOs and transports.

This session will outline the main ways of extending the WSO2 ESB and using simple code examples and show how you can enhance your SOA platform with fast and effective monitoring, transformation and routing.

Attend this Webinar if

  • You want to write simple Java mediations to extend the WSO2 ESB and/or Apache Synapse.
  • You have looked at WSO2 ESB but now want to dig deeper.
  • You want to understand how dynamic languages can be used to add flexibility to your SOA.

Your presenter, Paul Fremantle, is committer and release manager for the Apache Synapse project, and leads the overall direction of the WSO2 ESB project. With 20 years in the technology industry, Paul has spent the past ten years on advanced middleware. Paul will outline the advantages and approaches you can take with the WSO2 ESB, as well as talking through standard integration patterns that can be used with this product.


Title: Understanding how to extend the WSO2 ESB

Date: 12/11/07

Start Time: 9.00 am PST

Duration: 60 mins

Presenter: Paul Fremantle


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