Identity provider included in beta version of WSO2 Identity Solution

The WSO2 Identity Solution team released version 1.0-beta recently which now includes an identity provider.

This identity provider supports connecting to a JDBC or an LDAP user store to issue information cards to the users in those user stores and to enable those users to log into web applications using the cards they acquired. It issues information cards based on username-token credential and self issued credential. Adding custom claims and mapping them to user attributes in the user store is now available together with revoking of issued information cards and management of trusted replying parties.

Other key features of this release include an Apache HTTPD relying party module and Java Servlet Filter relying party components.

WSO2 Identity Solution is a set of components that enable CardSpace authentication. It can be used to do distributed identity checks and supports both Java servlets based web applications and Apache HTTPD.

Download the latest version here .