WSO2 Endeavor Extends Interoperability Across .NET, Java and Other Popular Web Services Platforms

WSO2, the open source SOA company, today demonstrated several technical collaboration initiatives to extend interoperability across Microsoft .NET Framework, Java, and other Web services platforms. Through these initiatives, the company will link .NET with WSO2’s service-oriented architecture (SOA) middleware leveraging open source projects from the Apache Software Foundation. WSO2 will also enhance the performance of its software running on Microsoft platforms. With this collaboration, enterprise customers will have more choices than ever for addressing the demands of today’s heterogeneous SOAs.

The initiatives were showcased as part of the Microsoft TechEd North America 2008 IT Professionals conference being held June 10-13, 2008 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL.

The first initiative, demonstrating the breadth of interoperability across standard Web services—.NET, Java, and C-based platforms such as PHP—was highlighted at today’s keynote presentation by Bob Muglia, senior vice president of the Server and Tools Business at Microsoft. During the keynote, the StockTrader 2.0 demo composite application service, based on the .NET Configuration Service 2.0 and distributed Apache/WSO2 middleware components, showed how interoperable implementations of Web service protocols allow a seamless mix-and-match of the application’s components, including the:

  • User interface: .NET smart client and PHP Web application
  • Business processing service layer: .NET and PHP
  • Order processing service: .NET, Java and PHP

WSO2’s support for the full WS-Security stacks in both the WSO2 Web Services Application Server, based on Apache Axis2/Java, and the WSO2 Web Services Framework for PHP, based on Apache Axis2/C, ensured enterprise-class protection throughout the process.

“More than 70 percent of our customers include Microsoft technology among the platforms supporting their enterprise applications, and they rely on us to create and manage Web services across a range of environments, including Java, C, PHP, Ruby, Spring and Perl,” said Dr. Sanjiva Weerawarana, founder and CEO of WSO2. “Our work with Microsoft to extend .NET interoperability adds support for a significant enterprise platform and furthers our commitment to enabling SOAs that capitalize on the heterogeneous environments driving today’s organizations.”

“A top priority is delivering interoperable solutions that enable our customers to harness the many resources and processes powering the enterprise,” said Burley Kawasaki, director of the Connected Systems Division at Microsoft. “The interoperability between WSO2’s middleware and .NET builds upon the investments that Microsoft has made with Windows Communication Foundation and will further extend the reach of SOAs across legacy and emerging platforms, providing a new level of Web services-enabled integration and collaboration for our customers.”

The WSO2 collaboration with Microsoft will enable .NET Framework customers to utilize the enterprise-class performance and management of WSO2’s SOA middleware based on Apache open source projects. WSO2 is one of the leading contributors to Apache, with the firm’s engineers equally dedicating their efforts to WSO2 Web services products and related Apache projects. WSO2's commercial support and service offerings cover both WSO2 products and Apache projects. Currently WSO2 contributes to Apache Axis and Axis2, Axiom, Neethi, Kandula, Rampart, Sandesha and Sandesha2, Synapse and WSSJ4.