Leading Electronic Media Company Leverages WSO2 Integration Platform to Integrate and Deliver Bundled Services to Subscribers

Mountain View, CA – July 23, 2015 – WSO2 today announced the availability of a new case study examining how a U.S.-based electronic media company relies on 100% open source WSO2 middleware to expose its suite of media assets via managed APIs.

The case study begins by outlining business challenges that the media company sought to address with a new media platform. The firm wished to bundle new published articles and deliver them to subscribers, expose its suite of media assets to subscribers, and offer them to external clients via an online news feed. The paper then examines how three integrated products—WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), WSO2 Data Services Server (DSS) and WSO2 API Manager—provided features out-of-the-box that the company required for these use cases.

Next, the case study explains how the WSO2 solution architecture provides an easy-to-manage setup with solutions that can be quickly implemented, debugged and deployed. It then concludes by discussing the milestones achieved after the WSO2 deployment, including seamless integration of the company’s bundled services and elimination of the need to maintain in-house applications.

The full case study can be downloaded at https://wso2.com/casestudies/media-firm-leverages-wso2-capabilities-to-seamlessly-integrate-and-deliver-bundled-services-to-subscribers.

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