WSO2 Mashup Server version 0.2 out now!

This release features revamped and expanded support for describing and converting types. In addition to support for annotating a Javascript parameter with an XML Schema built-in types, the Javascript types themselves can be "declared" with mappings (and conversions) developed from Javascript types. Support for declaring optional parameters, repeated parameters (arrays), enumerations, and simple object structures have been included. Long running services, simple workflows, and periodic invocation based on simple and familiar browser scheduling constructs such as setTimeout(), setInterval() are also now supported. Improvements in this release are in the ATOM/RSS and APP support along with lots of bug fixes from the version 0.1. The WSO2 Mashup Server is tipped to be a scriptable Web services composition platform that provides for easy invocation of Web Services from within a JavaScript environment. It exposes JavaScript functions as Web service operations, complete with WSDL 2.0 or WSDL 1.1 and XML Schema descriptions, expose them through SOAP 1.2, SOAP 1.1, and REST, and generate a host of artifacts including Javascript/DOM and Javascript/E4X stubs, a try-it page etc. Download the latest version here.