“Enterprise capabilities in the WSO2 Mashup Server 1.5″ Webinar on 12 August 2008. Register Now!

The WSO2 Mashup Server provides a powerful platform for developing and deploying mashups. In this webinar, we'll provide a brief introduction to the Mashup Server architecture and Javascript-based development model, as well as highlight the new features in the 1.5 release that support enterprise deployments. These include support for message level security (authentication, encryption, signing) on mashup services, and the ability to expose a data source such as a relational table, an Excel spreadsheet, or a simple CSV file as a zero-coding Data Service.

Attend this Webinar if you:

  • You have services, web pages, or other information sources available but you want smarter ways to use those services.
  • You want to expose or compose services in a simple yet powerful way, complete with enterprise-level security.
  • You are an existing WSO2 Mashup Server user and would like an overview of the new features in the 1.5 release.

Your presenter, Jonathan March, is the Director of Architecture for Mashup Technologies, and led the design and development of the WSO2 Mashup Server. Jonathan, a product designer and devoted script hacker, has spent over ten years developing and standardizing, XML and Web service technologies, most recently at Microsoft where he contributed to the standadization of XML, XSLT, XPath, WSDL, and other technologies.

Title: Enterprise Capabilities in the WSO2 Mashup Server 1.5

Date: August 12, 2008

Start Time: 9.00 am PST

Duration: 60 mins

Presenter: Jonathan Marsh

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