WSO2 Hosts WS-MetadataExchange Interoperability Workshop

WS-MetadataExchange is a pre-standardization spec from Microsoft, IBM, Sun, SAP, BEA Systems, Computer Associates, and webMethods, defining how metadata can be retrieved or embedded in a WS-Addressing endpoint references. These standard ways to exchange WS-Policy, WSDL, XML Schema, and other metadata enable the bootstrapping of communication with a service.

The three-day interoperability workshop is an ad-hoc, open forum for companies who have implementations to test their code against other implementations. Interoperability testing is often the last step in validating a technology prior to contribution to an open standardization process.

WSO2 brings a WS-MetadataExchange implementation to the workshop to continue to demonstrate a high level of interoperability between its Apache Axis2 - based open source Web service stack and those from other vendors such as Microsoft.

The invitation is extended to all companies with a WS-MetadataExchange implementation.