New WSO2 courses teach developers best practices for creating and managing Apache Axis2 Web services

Free Self-Paced Online Beginner and Intermediate Courses Are Available Today

Mountain View, CA – March 24, 2009 – Averaging some 285,000 downloads per month, Apache Axis2 is clearly the open source engine of choice for delivering Web services. Driving Axis2’s popularity with developers is its configurable and efficient architecture, support for both SOAP and REST-style Web services, and ability to easily plug-in modules for enterprise security and reliability.

Now WSO2 is helping developers get the most out of Axis2 with a series of free, self-paced courses that teach best practices for using Axis2 to create and manage Web services. The training encompasses the collective knowledge of WSO2 engineers, who account for more than one-third of all Axis2 committers within the Apache Software Foundation. Having contributed extensively to Axis2’s development, as well as WSO2 products based on Axis2, WSO2’s engineers bring first-hand knowledge of how to address developers’ real-world Web services demands.

The first two online, self-paced courses are Axis2 Beginner and Axis2 Intermediate. They can be downloaded today by going to the WSO2 Oxygen Tank open source developer portal at

Axis2 Beginner Course

The WSO2 Axis2 Beginner Course is designed to familiarize developers with Apache Axis2, and introduce the surrounding technologies including XML, SOAP, XML Schema and WSDL. It is recommended for developers who wish to learn more about Axis2 and Web services in general. After completing this six-hour course, participants will be able to:

  • Develop and deploy moderately complex Web services in Apache Axis2.
  • Use XML with its different features, and test XML documents to confirm whether they are well-formed and valid.
  • Write XML Schema files and validate XML files.
  • Explain how SOAP messages are structured and how the SOAP interaction   model works.
  • Describe Web services with the Web Services Description Language (WSDL), and use such descriptions to generate Web services.

Axis2 Intermediate Course

The WSO2 Axis2 Intermediate Course builds on the Beginner Course and teaches the details of Axis2. After completing this ten-hour course, participants will be able to:

  • Develop enterprise-grade Web services with Apache Axis2.
  • Use multiple APIs to manage XML messages at different abstraction levels.
  • Develop Web services clients in different ways and control their behavior at fine-grained levels.
  • Use Apache Axis2 tools efficiently.
  • Extend the capabilities of Apache Axis2 by implementing modules.
  • Implement stateful Web services and clients.
  • Secure Web services with authentication, digital signatures, encryption, and message non-replay features.

Axis2 and Cloud Computing

WSO2 also is giving a presentation on how to automatically scale Axis2 on the Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2) at ApacheCon Europe 2009, which runs March 23-27, 2009 in Amsterdam. Developers will learn how to ensure fault tolerance, high availability and scalability when using cloud computing to cost effectively deploy their SOAs. A copy of the presentation will be posted on the WSO2 Oxygen Tank in early April. Other WSO2-led sessions at ApacheCon Europe will cover how to take a componentized approach to SOA via OSGi, use open source to address interoperability, cluster Web services in Apache Synapse for scalability and high availability, and build event-driven architectures with Apache Synapse.

Additionally, WSO2 offers a range of support services for developers who want more customized assistance, including training, consulting, custom development, and development support. To learn more visit, WSO2 at