New WSO2 White Paper and WSO2Con US 2014 Session Explore How to Optimize In-Memory Computing

White paper and WSO2Con US 2014 presentation examine in-memory computing best practices using WSO2 CEP and WSO2 BAM

Mountain View, CA – October 15, 2014 – Typically enterprises employ MapReduce to read big data that is stored on disk drives. Although the MapReduce model represents a significant advance over earlier approaches, this analysis is often latency bound, forcing central processing units (CPUs) to sit idle until data arrives from the disk. WSO2 Director of Research Dr. Srinath Perera has authored a new white paper that examines how in-memory computing provides an effective alternative to MapReduce and discusses some of the common scenarios for in-memory computing.

Complementing the white paper, Srinath also will present a session at WSO2Con US 2014, which will explore how to build in-memory solutions using the WSO2 Carbon enterprise middleware platform. The conference will run October 27-29, 2014 at the Mission Bay Conference Center at UCSF in San Francisco, CA.

White Paper: Exploring the In-Memory Computing Landscape

The white paper, “In-Memory Computing Landscape: Its Role and Advantages,” discusses the benefits of in-memory computing and common patterns for effective use. The paper begins by reviewing MapReduce-based processing scenarios, which demonstrate some of the limitations of this model. It then examines in-memory computing as a rapid, cost-effective solution for processing big data.

Next, the paper reviews the three common flavors of in-memory computing: faster access to data, loading a dataset to memory for analysis, and real-time and stream processing. It then explores best practices for implementing these three scenarios using products from the WSO2 Carbon platform, including WSO2 Complex Event Processor (WSO2 CEP) and WSO2 Business Activity Monitor (WSO2 BAM).

The white paper can be downloaded at .

WSO2Con US 2014 Session: In-Memory Computing with the WSO2 Platform

The session, “In-Memory Computing,” is part of the WSO2Con US 2014 “AppDev” track, and it runs from 2:00 - 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday, October 28, 2014.

In the session, Srinath will provide an overview of in-memory technology and how organizations can take advantage of the WSO2 platform to build in-memory solutions. He also will explore how to support streaming analysis through WSO2 CEP, which can be used in conjunction with WSO2 BAM to store data to disk for further analysis. Additionally, Srinath will discuss upcoming improvements to the WSO2 platform that will enhance the ability to analyze big data.

About the Author and Presenter

Dr. Srinath Perera overlooks the overall WSO2 platform architecture with WSO2's CTO. He is a co-founder of Apache Axis2, a member of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) and the Apache Web Service Project Management Committee (PMC). Additionally, Srinath has authored many academic and technical publications, including the books, "Hadoop MapReduce Cookbook" and "Instant MapReduce Patterns – Hadoop Essentials How-to."

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