New WSO2 White Paper Explores Benefits of a Composable Middleware Platform Architecture for Enterprise Performance and Deployment

White paper examines how to optimize enterprise performance, deployment patterns, and capacity planning by using open source tools that are highly scalable and available

Palo Alto, CA – June 13, 2013 – In order to meet business goals, consumer and partner-facing applications must be able to process large transaction volumes with high throughput and low latency. Too often however, the architecture and deployment topology of the application or service are not tuned to support the required performance. This limits business transaction processing volume, transaction responsiveness, and an application solution’s ability to fulfill service level agreements (SLAs). A new white paper from WSO2 examines how IT professionals can take advantage of the open source WSO2 Carbon enterprise middleware platform to extend enterprise deployment flexibility and meet performance requirements, with highly scalable and available solutions.

The white paper, “WSO2 Carbon Product Performance and Deployment Topology Sizing,” is written by Asanka Abeysinghe, WSO2 vice president of solutions architecture. Taking his real-world experience in Global 1000 companies’ deployments, Asanka examines how capacity planning can provide an analysis to gauge solution performance and scale by identifying the server instances required for enterprise deployment. He also identifies a reference architecture and deployment patterns to help build a deployment architecture, and he reviews infrastructure provisioning requirements and how technical operations teams can utilize their infrastructure or hardware. Additionally, Asanka explains how business objectives, requirements and IT capabilities are linked using the WSO2 Carbon platform architecture. Finally, he highlights how the middleware platform, including its design principles and product composition sets, delivers highly scalable and available solutions.

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About the Author

Asanka Abeysinghe, WSO2 vice president of solutions architecture, provides consulting and training for enterprise IT architects and developers. He also focuses on the company’s vertical market capabilities, including financial services. Asanka has more than a decade of experience implementing projects, from desktops and Web applications to highly scalable distributed systems and service-oriented architecture (SOA) deployments, mobile platforms, and business integration solutions.

About WSO2

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