Open source lets developers speed SOA development despite economic slowdown

Mountain View, CA – November 17, 2008 – With the global economy slowing to a crawl, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on SOA solutions from the large platform vendors can be hard to justify. Fortunately, the availability of proven open source SOA software means IT departments can continue to move full speed ahead with their SOA implementations.

A new case study from WSO2, the open source SOA company, highlights how one customer has successfully implemented an SOA initiative to deliver consolidated reporting from enterprise applications distributed across multiple systems. Using WSO2’s open source middleware, the company was freed from software licensing fees. However, the customer invested in training from WSO2, which allowed the IT team to deliver the first iteration of its SOA initiative within just a few weeks. WSO2 SOA middleware now implemented at the customer site includes the:

The new WSO2 case study highlights the value of implementing an open source registry in conjunction with the application server and ESB to ensure a comprehensive SOA that can grow with the enterprise’s demands.

The value of that strategy is echoed by Rob Hailstrom, analyst and software infrastructure practice director with The Butler Group. Rather than waiting until the enterprise can cost-justify a commercial registry for its SOA governance, he has written in his July 8, 2008 DataMonitor article, “A far better solution would be to implement from the outset an open source solution where only the training and support are cost items.”