Developers learn how OSGi can streamline their SOA projects in upcoming WSO2 Webinar

Mountain View, CA – January 14, 2008 – IT architects and developers know what they want in their SOA implementations, but rarely does their vision fit neatly with vendors’ SOA software. This frustration has led to growing interest in the potential to streamline SOAs through OSGi, the industry modularity framework for Java. Yet, just how OSGi will accomplish this remains a big question for many.

The challenges of traditional SOA software are well known. For example, if data services need to be implemented in an existing schema, developers typically have to deploy and integrate an entire enterprise service bus (ESB) just to get basic mediation. Similarly, adding business process services to an SOA registry may require an IT department to buy an entire business process management (BPM) suite. It’s like going to a drive-in and ordering a hamburger and a grilled cheese sandwich to build a cheeseburger.

OSGi is changing how SOA applications and systems are being built by enabling their functionality to be fully componentized. With OSGi-based software, SOA components are combined in ways that make sense for developers—and may or may not fall within typical product definitions.

Just as you decide whether to order cheese or tomatoes with your burger, OSGi-enabled SOA software is making it possible to say, “I just need a mediation component to go with my data services solution,” or “I want to add a BPM component to my registry.” By applying the right solution to the right problem, developers can reduce costs and cut project time from weeks or months to days or even hours. A new WSO2 webinar shows developers how to turn this OSGi promise into reality.

Webinar: OSGi and SOA

The WSO2 webinar “OSGi and SOA” will introduce the OSGi modularity framework for Java, which enables a much more structured and dynamic approach to application assembly. Developers who attend will gain insights into the benefits of OSGi, how OSGi will affect both SOA applications and systems, and the ways in which this technology is expected to evolve in the future. The webinar also will preview the new WSO2 Carbon framework. Scheduled to launch in February 2009, WSO2 Carbon is the industry’s first fully component-based SOA architecture enabled by OSGi.

The free webinar will be held Tuesday, January 20, from 9 a.m.-10 a.m. Pacific. Presenting will be Paul Fremantle, WSO2 co-founder and CTO, who has spearheaded the development of WSO2 Carbon, as well as the WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus. Paul is a committer with the Apache Software Foundation and serves as vice president of the Apache Synapse project. He also is co-chair of the OASIS WS-RX Technical Committee.