WSO2 Oxygen Tank revamped!

WSO2's developer portal has now got a whole new look together with a bunch of new features including SVN repositories, bug tracker and Wiki of all WSO2 products.

With source codes available on the Oxygen Tank, WSO2 products are completely open source and anyone can contribute to projects such as the WSO2 Web Services Application Server (WSAS) and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

The site which aims to be a haven for Web service developers, continues to publish articles, tutorials presentations and knowledge base items related to Apache and WSO2 Web services projects.

In addition it also now hosts podcasts and interviews with key personnel in the SOA/WS space. Check out the first podcast with Deepal Jayasinghe, long standing committer of Apache, and the first interview with Paul Fremantle, Co-chair OASIS WSRX Technical Committee.