Introducing the WSO2 Registry - Simple Storage for the Social Enterprise (Repeat) - Webinar on 04/08/08 Register now!

The WSO2 Registry is more than just a secure and versioned store for your metadata; it's a social hub built around community features like tags, ratings, comments, and Atom feeds. In this Webinar we'll introduce you to the Registry and show you how turning your organization into a "Social Enterprise" can help you reap the real-world benefits of SOA. We'll cover the developer-oriented Java API, the remote REST interface, and demonstrate the easy but powerful user interface - showing you the basics, and also some advanced tips for getting the most out of your projects.

Attend this webinar if you:
  • Manage or participate in SOA efforts where reuse (especially cross-group reuse) is a goal.
  • Have considered a UDDI-based repository, but found it too complex or too WS-* focused.
  • Have struggled with reconciling agile development and top-down governance.
  • Are interested in learning how Web 2.0 style social features can help to make SOA more effective.

Presenting will be Glen Daniels, Director of Java Platforms and project lead for the WSO2 Registry. Glen has over 20 years of industry experience, writing code, leading teams and building standards. He has been deeply involved with Web services and open source since 2000, and spearheaded the Apache's Axis project. In addition to his WSO2 role, he also serves as Vice President, Web services for the Apache Software Foundation.


Title: Introducing the WSO2 Registry - Simple Storage for the Social Enterprise (Repeat)
Date: 04/08/08
Start Time: 9.00 am PDT
Duration: 60 mins
Presenter: Glen Daniels


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