Release Note – Business Activity Monitor 1.1.0

WSO2 Business Activity Monitor development team is pleased to announce the release of version 1.1.0 of WSO2 Business Activity Monitor

WSO2 Business Activity Monitor (WSO2 BAM) is a tool designed to exercise Business Activity Monitoring (BAM). WSO2 BAM is intended to serve the needs of both business and IT domain experts to monitor and understand business activities within a SOA deployment. It is specifically designed for monitoring SOA deployments, and can be extended to cater for other general monitoring requirements as well.

WSO2 BAM is powered by WSO2 Carbon, the SOA middleware component platform.

New Features in this Release
  • Support for Oracle DBMS
  • Error category monitoring for WSO2 ESB mediation data
  • Improvements to analytics summary calculations, storage and visualization
  • Support for deployment on JBoss, Apache Tomcat, and WebLogic Application servers
  • Improved P2 based provisioning and feature management support
  • Support for deleting Monitored Servers
Other Key Features
  • Support for collecting data on service invocations and message mediations
  • Straight through processing - Polling and Eventing based models for automated data collection wihtout manual intervention
  • Real time activity monitoring with zero latency - No time gap between data collection and availability of data for monitoring
  • Analytics for historical data on service invocations and message mediations summarized over various time dimension intervals
  • Data visualization with dashboards and reports
  • Ability to define and monitor key performance indicators (KPI) with dashboards and reports
  • Provision to extend monitoring capabilities by customizing dashboard gadgets
  • Built-in support for monitoring WSO2 WSAS and WSO2 ESB
  • Ability to extend the current monitoring model with user defined data by collecting custom data formats for monitoring
  • Multiple DBMS support (H2 - default, MySQL, Oracle and MSSQL)
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