Release Note : WSO2 Gadget Server 1.0.1

February 3rd 2010

The WSO2 Gadget Server is an Enterprise Information Portal, providing a framework built on top of the Google Gadget Specification, that helps enterprises organize information in their SOA across organizational boundaries.It brings Gadget technology into the Enterprise – making it easy for your team to build stunningly effective portals in record time.

Key Features
  • Enterprise class Portal interface
  • Users get to organise gadgets in a familiar portal interface. Sets of gadgets can be organised using tabs. Individual gadgets can be moved between tabs as well as cloning an entire tab to be used as the foundation for a new tab.
  • Client Side Gadgets
  • Any gadget adhering to the Google Gadget Specification can be added to the portal. These gadgets are basically HTML and Javascript embedded in XML. They can be hosted in any publicly accessible Web Server. The URL of the gadget XML is used to add them to the Portal.
  • Enterprise Gadget Repository
  • Organisations can maintain a central repository of gadgets. Portal users can browse and add gadgets from this repository to their individual portals, while rating and commenting on individual gadgets.
  • Anonymous Mode
  • Users can experience most of the Portal's functionality excluding' the gadget Repository even before registration and sign in. All data in this mode will be stored in the user's browser.
  • Multi option user registration and sign in
  • User registration and sign in can be done using OpenID or Infocards in addition to the traditional user name and password based scheme.
  • Management Console
  • Helps configure and manage the server, its users and the Enterprise Gadget Repository via an intuitive browser based administrative interface.
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