Release Note : WSO2 Mashup Server 2.0.2

February 3rd 2010

The WSO2 Mashup Server provides a platform for acquiring data from a variety of sources including Web Services, HTML pages, feeds and data sources, and processes and combines it with other data using JavaScript with E4X XML extensions.

It is a powerful yet simple and quick way to tailor Web-based information to the personal needs of individuals and organizations. By means of combining simple yet rich mashups with reusability, security, reliability and governance, the WOS2 Mashup Server offers enterprise-class service composition.

New Features In This Release
  • HttpClient Host Object and fixes to issues found in the previous version.
  • Other Key Features
    • The WSO2 Mashup Server is built on top of the Award Winning WSO2 Carbon Platform. All major features have been developed as pluggable Carbon components.
    • Hosting of mashup services written using JavaScript with E4X XML extension
    • -Simple file based deployment model
    • JavaScript annotations to configure the deployed services
    • Auto generation of metadata and runtime resources for the deployed mashups
    • - JavaScript stubs that simplify client access to the mashup service - Code templates for developing rich HTML or Google Gadget interfaces - TryIt functionality to invoke the mashup service through a web browser - WSDL 1.1/WSDL 2.0/XSD documents to describe the mashup service - API documentation
    • Ability to bundle a custom user interface for the mashups
    • Many useful Javascript Host objects that can be used when writing mashups
    • - WSRequest: invoke Web services from mashup services - File: File storage/manipulation functionality - System: Set of system specific utility functions - Session: Ability to share objects across different service invocations - Scraper: Extract data from HTML pages and present in XML format - APPClient: Atom Publishing Protocol client to retrieve/publish Atom feeds with APP servers - Feed: A generic set of host objects to transparently read and create Atom and RSS feeds - Request: Ability get information regarding a request received
    • Support for recurring and longer-running tasks
    • Support for service lifecycles
    • Ability to secure hosted mashups using a set of commonly used security scenarios
    • Management console to easily manage the mashups
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