Security in the cloud to push public ahead of private cloud solutions- One Stop Click

Better security in the cloud - and the growing trust that comes with it - will result in more businesses adopting a public, as opposed to private, hosting model.

According to Paul Fermantle, chief technology officer at UK-based WSO2, the migration to public cloud computing systems had already begun and it was only a matter of time before the solution became the norm for businesses.

Speaking to tech-news website, Mr Fermantle said that while the majority of firms were contented with private cloud computing solutions, people are starting to gain confidence in public cloud technology - particularly the latest security solutions, which have already addressed a number core data protection issues.

What's more, Mr Fremantle claims that businesses looking to outsource their IT infrastructure - both hardware and software - will soon expect tailored solutions that have cloud computing technologies at their core.

He added that the real success of cloud computing will manifest itself when systems are built with "scale, elasticity, security, or things like multi-tenancy and self-service" in mind.