Security challenges and Apache Axis2 sessions at Web Services Security and SOA Conference.

  • Kaushalye Kapuruge, Tech Lead at WSO2, will be presenting a talk titled "Security challenges, web services and scripting languages" at the Web Services Security and SOA Conference and Expo this May.
Session Description

Greater accessibility of data, less amount of human involvement and the programming language neutrality makes web services popular among many vendors and application developers. But the Web services processing model, where sensitive data can be in the form of a SOAP message traversing via an unsecured network, makes it highly vulnerable to attacks. Thus, common as well as Web services specific security measures have to be taken.
So, implementing the right security solution for your application is a challenge. And making it inter operable, which is a key requirement in web services, is a bigger challenge.
The first part of the presentation will focus on describing the possible security challenges in developing, deploying and consuming web services especially in scripting languages. The second part would describe how to secure web services and making it inter-operable in a time/cost-efficient and easy way, using Apache Axis2/C and Apache Rampart/C, where both are free and open source products. The third and the final part will describe how above products were integrated and used to secure web services in PHP, Ruby, Perl, C++ languages.

  • Deepal Jayasinghe, Tech Lead at WSO2, will be joining Kaushalye at the conference and will present a talk titled "Who said Web services are not easy to work with ? .... use Axis2"
Session Description

Apache Axis2 is a simple and flexible toolkit that scales from doing simple XML/HTTP, all the way up to reliable and secure Web services. At the same time, it offers developers the simplest and quickest way to develop Web services.
Starting out with deploying simple POJOs and creating POJO clients to existing services, it can expand to support third-party data binding frameworks and XML coding. Axis2 has a flexible and extensible architecture that supports easy deployment including hot deploy/redeploy.
In this talk, Deepal will take you through deploying Axis2 in various ways, creating a simple POJO Web service, invoking the service in a REST manner and writing a client to invoke the service. He will also demonstrate how to deploy a service using a single line of code.
This talk is ideal for programmers who want to start developing Web services but have little knowledge on how to get started.


May 12 - 14, 2008


Baltimore Convention Center
& Inner Harbor, Baltimore, Maryland

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