WS-Commons projects release new versions

Apache Neethi focused on providing a convenient API to access and process policies in version 2.0 which was the first of the three WS-Commons projects to release new versions this week. Other add-ons to Apache Neethi include providing an extension model where custom serialization, de-serialization of assertion can be supported, providing a mechanism where domain specific types can use assertion within the generic framework and giving more control to the assertion authors to control behavior of the assertions they implement. Version 2.0 also adheres to the latest WS-Policy 1.2 specification.

Several bugs were fixed in the 1.2 version of XMLSchema, a lightweight schema object model that can be used to manipulate and generate XML schema representations. It has no external dependencies and can be easily integrated into an existing project.

Improved XML serialization, builder hierarchy and MTOM handling were the focus in this new version of Apache Axiom. Apache AXIOM is a StAX-based, XML Infoset compliant object model which supports on-demand building of the object tree. It supports a novel "pull-through" model which allows one to turn off the tree building and directly access the underlying pull event stream.

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