WS-Policy releases version 0.9

WSO2 is proud to announce the first release of WS-Commons Policy. Version 0.9 is fully complaint with WS Policy specification of the W3C and recently passed all the WS Policy Interop Round1 tests. Future plans of WS-Policy include implementing WS Policy Attachment using WSDL4J and passing the WS Interop Round2 Test suite. You can download and check it out here WS-Policy provides a general purpose model and syntax to describe and communicate the policies of a Web service. It is a building block that is used together with other Web services and application-specific protocols to accommodate a wide variety of policy exchange models. WS-Policy is currently used in Web services projects such as Axis2, Sandesha2 and WSS4J to process policy information they require. The framework facilitates the automation of exchanging configuration information between Web services infrastructures to ensure interoperability of both client and server. See this article by Sanka Samaranayake in the WSO2 Oxygen Tank developer portal for more details on WS-Policy.