WS-Security support improved in latest WSO2 WSF/C Release

The WSO2 WSF/C team is happy to announce the Alpha2 release of the Web Services Framework for C. This version has greater support for WS-Security and also supports WS-ReliableMessaging and WS-Eventing.

Alpha1 of WSF/C was only able to send and verify UsernameTokens with PlainText password and Digested password. This release extends its WS-Security support to include

  • Ability to send Timestamp tokens
  • Policy based configurations as per WS-Security Policy
  • SOAP message encryption and
  • SOAP message signature

WSF/C Alpha2 also introduces WS-ReliableMessaging. It now has support for WS-ReliableMessaging in both client side and server side of Axis2C along with a pluggable storage framework, configurable delivery assurances (exactly once delivery assurance is guaranteed), support for both SOAP 1.1 and 1.2, Client API - which provides features for both general and advance users. It also has samples to test RM scenarios and inter-operates with Java and .net.

Check out the project homepage for more details and download the latest version now!