WSO2 WSF/C now faster and includes better REST support

WSO2 Web Services Framework for C released version 1.3.0 this week. WSO2 WSF/C is a standards compliant enterprise grade open source C library for providing and consuming Web services in C.

This new version is optimized for SOAP processing with the Guthila parser. Guthila replaces libxml2 as the default parser which is proven to be faster. Guthila is an Apache project and is part of Apache Axis2/C. As its an inbuilt parser Guthila eliminates the external dependency to libxml2.

Another new feature of WSF/C 1.3.0 is better support for REST. It now inherits complete RESTful API from Apache Axis2/C supporting all http verbs and flexible uri mapping to resources.

Security has also been in improved in this release to include SAML 1.1, WS-Trust and WS-SecureConverstion.

For more information on WSO2 WSF/C visit the project home page:

You can download the latest version here