WSO2 Web Services Framework for C debuts

Alpha version 1 of WSF for C was released last week providing a fully open source framework to consume and provide Web services.

WSF for C is a collection of libraries and tools, supporting basic Web services technologies such as XML, SOAP, WSDL, REST as well as Web Services specifications such as WS-Addressing, MTOM, WS-Security and WS-Reliable Messaging. It comes with both HTTP and XMPP transport support and is one of two core versions of WSO2 WSF. WSO2 for Java will be released in the near future too.

WSO2 WSF for C provides the basic framework on which other scripting language bindings could be built; WSO2 WSF for PHP, WSO2 WSF for AJAX XPI and WSO2 WSF for AJAX ActiveX are based on WSO2 WSF for C. It will soon be bound to Perl, Python and Ruby as well.

WSO2 WSF is the fully open source base framework on which all of WSO2 products are built. The framework provides base communication functionality in SOAP, XML, JSON and other message formats carried over various transports including HTTP, SMTP, XMPP and TCP.

To download WSF for C go here

For more details about the WSO2 Web Services Framework and WSF for C check out the developer portal WSO2 OxygenTank