WSO2 achieves full interoperability at OASIS Introp

Five companies took part in the first OASIS WS-RX interop face-to-face with various implementations of the WS Reliable Messaging protocol. WSO2 Tungsten which is based on Apache Axis2 and Sandesha projects were one of three companies to successfully interoprate. Paul Fremantle, co-chair of the WS-RX technical committee said in a blog that the overall results were pretty good. He said “ Three companies managed to completely interoperate on all the scenarios, in both directions. Since that was our stated goal, the overall consensus was that the spec is "implementable" at this stage. I know this shouldn't be a surprise - since we started with a submitted spec that had successfully tested and interoperated already! But all the same it was good to see the updated spec working in practice”.