WSO2 and DataStax Partner to Facilitate Enterprise-Class, Open Source Data Management in the Cloud with Apache Cassandra

WSO2 and DataStax Offer Complementary Technologies, Services, and Open Source Licensing to Meet Developers’ Demands for Enterprise-Class Private and Public Clouds

Palo Alto, CA and Burlingame, CA – September 14, 2011 - WSO2 and DataStax today announced a strategic partnership aimed at enabling enterprise-class data management in the cloud through Apache Cassandra™ and WSO2 Data as a Service. The industry’s leading open source, NoSQL distributed database management system, Apache Cassandra provides a high-performance, highly scalable distributed data infrastructure that is ideally suited for cloud computing environments.

Under terms of the agreement, WSO2 and DataStax will conduct joint education and evangelism campaigns around using Apache Cassandra to develop and deploy applications in private, public and hybrid clouds. The initiatives also will focus on helping mutual customers to take advantage of the companies’ complementary technologies, world-class support services, and open source licensing to achieve the high availability, high performance, and flexibility required by dynamic cloud computing environments.

DataStax is the commercial leader in Apache Cassandra, offering products and services that make it easy for customers to build, deploy and operate elastically scalable and cloud-optimized applications and data services.

WSO2 delivers the industry’s most comprehensive cloud middleware solutions for enablingservice-oriented architecture (SOA) and composite application development and deployment in the cloud. WSO2 Data as a Service is a fundamental component of the 100% open source WSO2 Stratos cloud middleware platform and hosted WSO2 StratosLive platform-as-a-service (PaaS). These platforms offer data services encompassing RDBMS, HDFS, and NoSQL options. WSO2 chose Cassandra for highly-scalable NoSQL storage as part of WSO2 Data as a Service. Like Apache Cassandra, all WSO2 solutions are released under the Apache License 2.0, and they do not carry any licensing fees.

“With its proven ability to manage large volumes of data, Apache Cassandra is quickly gaining recognition among enterprises as the cloud database management system of choice,” said Billy Bosworth, CEO, DataStax. “We are excited to partner with WSO2, which complements our solutions by enabling the tight integration of Apache Cassandra with its comprehensive WSO2 Stratos and WSO2 StratosLive middleware solutions for developing and integrating cloud applications.”

“The enterprises extending their SOAs and composite applications to the cloud are recognizing new levels of agility and efficiency, but they are also placing new demands on data management,” said Dr. Sanjiva Weerawarana, WSO2 founder and CEO. “We are thrilled to partner with DataStax, the primary provider of commercial Apache Cassandra. With its advanced monitoring and management tools, DataStax empowers developers to implement robust NoSQL data-as-a-service within our WSO2 Stratos and WSO2 StratosLive cloud middleware solutions.”

About Apache Cassandra

Apache Cassandra™ is an open source distributed database management system. It is designed to store and allow very low-latency access to very large amounts of data spread out across many commodity servers while providing a highly available service with no single point of failure. This next-generation data platform evolved from work at Google,Amazon and Facebook, and is an Apache Software Foundation top-level project. For more information, visit About DataStax

DataStax, the commercial leader in Apache Cassandra™ and Hadoop™, offers products and services that make it easy for customers to build, deploy and operate elastically scalable and cloud-optimized applications and data services. The company has over 80 customers, including leaders such as Netflix, Cisco, Rackspace and Constant Contact, and spanning verticals including web, financial services, telecommunications, logistics and government. DataStax is backed by industry leading investors, including Lightspeed Venture Partners, Sequoia Capital and Rackspace Hosting, and is based in Burlingame, CA with offices in Austin, TX and Stamford, CT. For more information, visit

About WSO2

WSO2 is the lean enterprise middleware company. It delivers the only complete open source enterprise SOA middleware stack purpose-built as an integrated platform to support today’s heterogeneous enterprise environments—internally and in the cloud. WSO2’s service and support team is led by technical experts who have proven success in deploying enterprise SOAs and contribute to the technology standards that enable them. For more information, visit and the WSO2 OxygenTank developer portal at, or check out WSO2 on the WSO2 Blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and FriendFeed.

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