WSO2 eBook shows how plug-and-play components can cut SOA complexity

Mountain View, CA – January 29, 2009 – Why would IT developers use three products for an SOA project when just one would do? They wouldn’t if they could get a single middleware solution tailored to their specific needs. However, today’s middleware products don’t provide that level of customization.

That will change when WSO2 rolls out its new Carbon componentized SOA platform in February. Much like consumers can now download individual songs to create personalized play lists, IT developers will be able to download the SOA components they need to create a customized product for their specific projects.

Imagine the need to aggregate a recently built data service with an existing system. Traditional middleware would require three separate products for the process flow: data services, an enterprise service bus, and a process manager. By contrast, WSO2 Carbon would allow a developer to quickly assemble a customized middleware solution for this application requirement using the relevant Carbon components, which are all designed to work together.

WSO2 has published an eBook that explains the concepts of SOA componentization and illustrates how this new plug-and-play approach can be used to easily assemble customized middleware solutions—saving time, compute resources, and integration efforts. The WSO2 eBook also reviews how componentization lets enterprises pace their SOA implementations, supporting the needs of CIOs and CTOS, enterprise architects, front-end designers, and database administrators.

For more information, visit the Carbon project on the WSO2 Oxygen Tank developer portal at