WSO2 ESB releases Beta

Just 2 months after its alpha release, the WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Beta version is out now with better user functionalities including a whole new visualization for sequences and proxy services.

The WSO2 ESB Beta1 release, available for download here , also has some new features such as registry management, statistic reporting and logging.

Sequences editing was previously done through XML editing, which meant the user had to edit XML for the sequence in the text area that was provided in the Console. However with this release the framework to support graphical interfaces is in place. Users now have graphical support for the Log mediator with more mediators to be supported later on.

The wizard that creates proxy services has also been improved with browser compatibility in mind. You can now start and stop proxy services using the Console as well as clone services specifying just the name of the cloned proxy service.

Among the new features introduced, registry management comes on top. It is now possible to add , modify content, remove and edit properties like expiry time, of all resources.

Another new key feature is statistics reporting for the servers in the cluster, proxy services, and for each and every component like sequences and endpoints as well as fault comparison of statistics using graphs and fault count reporting for components.

Message tracing for components like sequences, endpoints and proxy services, which means you can now trace the functionality and the message mediation by enabling the tracing for those components is also an added new feature.

For more information and how you too can contribute to the WSO2 ESB project see the WSO2 Oxygen Tank