WSO2 Executives to Present Seminar on Disruptive Technology in Washington, DC

Half-day seminar will explore common forces of technical disruption and present architectures based on open source technologies that have successfully enabled innovation

Palo Alto, CA – May 1, 2014 – Organizations today face a range of disruptive technologies, from APIs to ecosystems, mobile-first development, big data, social, DevOps, cloud, everything and anything-as-a-service. Often the convergence of these technologies poses a challenge for government programs and contractors. To address this challenge, WSO2 will present a webinar on how teams can follow a phased adoption approach leading to new opportunities for efficiency, reliability, actionable insight, and user empowerment.

Presenting the half-day seminar, “Adopting Innovation – Building World-Class Systems on Open Source,” will be WSO2 Federal Systems CEO Jonathan Marsh and WSO2 Vice President of Platform Evangelism Chris Haddad. The event will be held Wednesday, May 14, 2014 from 8:00 – 11:00 a.m. in Washington, DC.

Building World-Class Systems on Open Source

Jonathan and Chris will explore common forces of technical disruption and present architectures that have successfully enabled innovation. Additionally, they will introduce the WSO2 Carbon componentized middleware platform, examining how it has enabled organizations to adopt modern technologies at a faster pace and lower cost than traditional middleware platforms.

Joining Jonathan and Chris will be guest presenters from the General Services Administration (GSA) and systems integrator Karsun Solutions, who will describe their experiences designing, developing and deploying a mission-critical application with the WSO2 platform.

Key topics will include:

  • Service-oriented architecture and API fundamentals
  • Integrated security, identity federation and policy-based access control
  • Integrated governance, comprehensive monitoring, and analytics
  • Adaptability through rule-based systems and declarative workflows
  • Cloud-based development tooling and life-cycle management
  • Robust deployment patterns on-premises or in a private cloud environment
  • How to adopt a fully open source platform
  • How to adopt a fully open source platform

WSO2 Presenters

Jonathan Marsh is CEO of WSO2 Federal Systems and also provides expert guidance to WSO2 in the capacity of consulting business development executive. He has more than 15 years of experience helping to develop, standardize and promote core XML and Web services standards, and he previously served as an active Microsoft representative in the W3C and WS-I working groups and OASIS technical committees.

Chris Haddad, WSO2 vice president of platform evangelism, works closely with developers, architects, and C-level executives to increase adoption of WSO2 open source technology, improve the middleware platform, and maximize customer value. In the government sector, Chris has assisted SPAWAR, USPTO, DHS, DISA, APL, UK DWP, UK MOD, and NERC with transformational programs. Prior to joining WSO2, Chris led research teams as a research vice president at the Burton Group and Gartner advising Fortune 500 enterprise organizations and technology infrastructure vendors.

About WSO2

WSO2 is the only company that provides a completely integrated enterprise application platform for enabling a business to build and connect APIs, applications, Web services, iPaaS, PaaS, software as a service and legacy connections without having to write code; using big data and mobile; and fostering reuse through a social enterprise store. Only with WSO2 can enterprises use a family of governed secure solutions built on the same code base to extend their ecosystems across the cloud and on mobile devices to employees, customers and partners in anyway they like. Hundreds of leading enterprise customers across every sector—health, financial, retail, logistics, manufacturing, travel, technology, telecom and more—in every region of the world rely on WSO2’s award-winning, 100% open source platform for their mission-critical applications. To learn more, visit or check out the WSO2 community on the WSO2 Blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and FriendFeed..

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