WSO2 join WS Policy working group

Sanka Samaranayaka, Ruchith Fernando and Dr. Sanjiva Weerawarana will be participating in the W3C working group for Web services Policy to produce the W3C Recommendations for Web services Policy. The WG will address implementation experience and interoperability feedback from the specifications, maximizing compatibility with existing policy assertions and considering composition with other components in the Web services architecture.

The W3C Recommendations for Web Services Policy 1.5 - Framework and Web Services Policy 1.5 – Attachment is expected to be published in August 2007.

WSO2 is joined by 6 other member organizations including Layer 7 Technologies, Microsoft Corporation, BEA Systems Inc., JBoss Inc., University of Manchester, and Computer Associates.

Web Services Policy defines a flexible policy data model and an extensible grammar for expressing the capabilities, requirements and general characteristics of a Web service, and defines mechanisms for associating policies with Web service constructs. Web Services Policy is used to convey the conditions for an interaction between a Web service requester and a Web service provider.

Existing policy assertions are broadly deployed, and many more are under development. Web Services Policy enables Web services to recognize and act on the conditions for an interaction, and is required by other standardization efforts. To meet these critical needs, Web Services Policy should be provided in a timely fashion. Therefore, this Working Group shall be schedule-driven and Web Services Policy shall remain compatible with and to the extent possible accommodate the use of these existing policy assertions.

- source W3C Web services Policy Charter.