WSO2 Joins Technology Leaders in Proposing OASIS OData Technical Committee

Web Protocol Brings New Level of Simplicity to Querying and Accessing Data Across the Disparate Applications Populating the Enterprise, Cloud and Mobile Devices Palo Alto, CA – May 24, 2012 – Enabled by the cloud and mobile technology, Web and enterprise systems are now generating terabytes of data. In turn, this is accelerating the demand for a standard approach to unlocking information from the heterogeneous applications that are populating enterprise systems, the cloud, and mobile devices. Today, WSO2 announces its participation in the standardization of the Open Data Protocol (OData), which addresses this demand by providing the ability to expose and access information from a range of data sources. WSO2 is joining Microsoft and other technology leaders in proposing an OData Technical Committee within OASIS, the international consortium focused on creating interoperability standards. The Committee will collaborate on the standardization and adoption of the OData protocol. OData offers a natural synergy with WSO2’s platform for harnessing data as Web applications and services. The WSO2 platform has strong support for data services and API management, including the WSO2 Data Services Server and the WSO2 API Manager (now in beta). The WSO2 technology stack also already supports many of the core technologies in the OData approach, including AtomPub and JSON. "We have seen strong customer demand for OData and its lean, REST-based approach to data access, which is important to us and our customers,” said Paul Fremantle, WSO2 co-founder and CTO, and co-chair of the OASIS Web Services Reliable eXchange Technical Committee. “OData richly complements our burgeoning efforts around data services, API management, JSON and AtomPub, and the move toward standardization at OASIS will only enhance that synergy.” “OData represents a significant advance in open interoperability standards, bringing a new level of ease to querying and updating data across disparate systems,” said Laurent Liscia, executive director at OASIS. “We are excited to have Paul and the WSO2 team extend their OASIS Technical Committee participation to foster the standardization of OData using JSON and AtomPub in a RESTful environment.” “WSO2 has a strong heritage in adopting and promoting open industry standards, and we are thrilled to work with WSO2 and other industry leaders to support the standardization of OData through OASIS,” said Jean Paoli, president, Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. About OData The Open Data Protocol (OData) is a Web protocol for querying and updating data that provides a way to unlock data and free it from silos that exist in applications today. OData does this by applying and building upon Web technologies such as HTTP, AtomPub and JSON to provide access to information from a variety of applications, services and stores. OData is being used to expose and access information from a variety of sources including, but not limited to, relational databases, file systems, content management systems and traditional Web sites. For more information, visit About WSO2 WSO2 is the lean enterprise middleware company. It delivers the only complete open source enterprise SOA middleware stack purpose-built as an integrated platform to support today’s heterogeneous enterprise environments—internally and in the cloud. WSO2’s service and support team is led by technical experts who have proven success in deploying enterprise SOAs and contribute to the technology standards that enable them. For more information, visit or check out the WSO2 community on the WSO2 Blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and FriendFeed..