WSO2 Partner AVINTIS Announces Migration of AVINTIS Framework and AVINTIS Cockpit to WSO2 Platform

Companies implementing WSO2’s award-winning enterprise middleware platform can now take advantage of highly regarded AVINTIS implementation methodology and software

Givisiez, Switzerland – 3 June 2015 – Swiss-based AVINTIS has migrated the company’s highly regarded tools, AVINTIS Framework and AVINTIS Cockpit, to the WSO2 platform. As a result, companies running or planning to implement WSO2’s award-winning enterprise middleware platform now get access to these reliable products.

The integration of AVINTIS Framework and AVINTIS Cockpit builds on the successes of the three-year partnership between WSO2 and AVINTIS. The announcement is being made in conjunction with WSO2’s news at WSO2Con Europe 2015 today that the company has achieved a 155% growth in partner-driven revenue in Q1 2015 over Q1 2014.

Reducing Integration Costs and Risk

A proven approach for reducing risks and costs when integrating and exploiting integration middleware is to avoid repeating the problems that someone else has already solved. AVINTIS provides the ability to access this know-how in a systematic way.

The AVINTIS Framework and the AVINTIS Cockpit are both tools and methods, which are built on more than 15 years of experience in implementing integration platforms.

The AVINTIS Framework offers an implementation methodology as well as specific tools, which provide a structured approach that guarantees better quality and improves the productivity of an enterprise’s implementation team to ensure a successful project.

AVINTIS Cockpit controls and monitors data flows to ensure that they are executed end-to-end and protect against the loss of data. The software generates alarms directly per email or by SMS on the mobile phone of the operator, which allows immediate intervention and solution of the eventually occurred problem.

Through the integration, the AVINTIS Framework and AVINTIS Cockpit now work with WSO2’s comprehensive open source platform for building, integrating, managing, securing and analyzing companies’ APIs, applications, and Web services—on-premises, in the cloud, on mobile devices, and across the Internet of Things.


AVINTIS SA is a Swiss company. For more than 15 years, AVINTIS has pursued the mission to help companies take advantage of change and evolution through the implementation of "agility solutions." These solutions are based on open and evolving concepts such as AVINTIS delivers software and services based on architectural expertise in enterprise application integration, enterprise service bus, SOA, identity management, and master data management. AVINTIS’ customer portfolio includes multi-national companies as well as small-to-medium businesses covering the main sectors such as finance, industry, insurance, public administration and healthcare. Particularly in Healthcare, AVINTIS offers specialized vertical solutions based on these concepts. For more information, visit

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