WSO2 releases AJAX browser extension

Providing an API for Web programmers to invoke Web services from the client side, WSO2 Tungsten XPI was released recently. The API of the extension is very similar to the mozilla AJAX API and introduces a Java-script class SOAPHttpRequest in place of XMLHttpRequest with extended capabilities to consume Web services. This XPI acts as a wrapper to the current AJAX API of Mozilla Firefox. Its SOAP processing is powered by Apache Axis2/C. Currently however, it works only on Linux platforms with Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or later versions. Mozilla Firefox is a popular open source browser and provides many options for Web programmers to use todays technologies and make surfing the Web more simple. Apache Axis2/C is a Web service engine which is an implementation of the Apache Axis2 Architecture in C language and is already equipped with many features to consume and provide Web services. The WSO2 Tungsten XPI is an attempt to use these two brand technologies to allow Web programmers to script and consume Web services in the client side with very few steps. Download WSO2 Tungsten XPI here , where you will also find samples to check it out.