WSO2 releases Stratos 1.5 PaaS, CTO sees cloud adoption growth - Mike Pontacoloni,

Public cloud adoption growth will result from personnel trickle-up

While many organizations have experimented with cloud, few have transitioned major IT operations to it. We spoke recently with Paul Fremantle, CTO at cloud middleware provider WSO2, about cloud adoption trends. WSO2 recently released Stratos 1.5, a comprehensive Platform as a Service (PaaS) designed to help users build and run enterprise level cloud applications.

Fremantle believes that as employees use cloud in their personal lives, trust in the cloud will grow and manifest in the enterprise. “People’s own comfort level is influenced by day to day usage,” said Fremantle. “I used Gmail for a very long time, so when it came to moving some WSO2 infrastructure onto Google I was comfortable because Google had proven its trustworthiness.”

Fremantle sees that same transfer of comfort in other situations. “I was at a conference and a speaker asked, ‘How many developers have used their own credit card to buy an instance on Amazon and test something because your work wasn’t providing you what you needed?’ Many people raised their hands,” said Fremantle.

But Fremantle said a shift in cloud adoption will come from more than just familiarity. Personal cloud usage also facilitates initiative. “These are the people who are going to get promoted. They’re the ones getting the job done,” said Fremantle. “Already you’re seeing people in management positions who were doing that 3 or 4 years ago. They’re the guys who are going to say ‘Yup, let’s move it to Amazon.’”

Growing comfort levels with cloud computing extend beyond developers. “There are many business people who are now getting comfortable with Salesforce, Google spreadsheets, Quickbooks Online, etcetera,” said Fremantle. “They’re getting to the point where they can say I’ve used this stuff, I trust it. And so they’re much more amenable to a high level sale.”

WSO2 Stratos 1.5 was released last week and includes a multi-tenant enterprise service bus (ESB), a complex event processing engine (CEP), data as a service tools for SQL and NoSQL databases, and other cloud technologies. We spoke with Paul Fremantle earlier this month about cloud application governance.