WSO2 teaches developers how to prevent SOA security headaches with CardSpace

Mountain View, CA – October 9, 2008 – WSO2, the open source SOA company, will teach Web application developers how to easily secure their SOAs by using Microsoft CardSpace to authenticate users. WSO2’s online training on October 13 and 15, 2008 will review CardSpace authentication concepts and how to implement CardSpace for SOAs using the WSO2 Identity Solution.

As SOAs bring together a range of users and systems, they also leave the door open for a host of security headaches, including the need to protect identities and prevent phishing attacks. Electronic IDs, such as CardSpace, are gaining popularity as a way to authenticate users in SOAs, especially where there is a high level of human interaction—notably product design teams, banks and other financial services, retail, healthcare and insurance. Not only are these “virtual driver’s licenses” easy to use, they also provide better protection than user names and passwords.

With the WSO2 Identity Solution, developers no longer need to become security experts to implement CardSpace. Instead, the Identity Solution provides an intuitive Web-based console, which makes it easy to issue new cards and manage authentication requests for existing cards. More detail can be found in the WSO2 CardSpace white paper. Published in August 2008, it describes how the CardSpace specification has been implemented in the WSO2 Identity Solution.

Training and Webinar Sessions: Implementing Electronic IDs

The WSO2 live online training course “CardSpace Authentication Using WSO2 Identity Solution” will run on Monday, October 13 (9 a.m.-12 p.m. GMT) and Wednesday, October 15 (9 a.m.-12 p.m. PDT). This course, priced at $199, will show developers how to enable CardSpace authentication for PHP and J2EE Web applications, set up an Identity Provider with an LDAP or custom database, and use custom claims to enable authorization in Web applications. Participants also will learn how to take advantage of MediaWiki and Drupal extensions to the Identity Solution.

Additionally, WSO2 will hold a webinar “Identity as a Service” on Tuesday, October 21, 2008 (9 a.m.-10 a.m. PDT). The free webinar will discuss how to make identity management available as a service within a SOA using the two emerging electronic ID standards: CardSpace and OpenID.