WSO2 to Present Technical Webinar on New Features in Latest Release of WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus

Technical webinar on August 22, will explore how IT professionals can optimize RESTful integration, SSL tunneling, HTTP endpoint, and JSON support using WSO2 ESB 4.7

Palo Alto, CA – August 14, 2013 – Today, an enterprise service bus (ESB) plays a central role in enabling organizations to implement service-oriented architecture (SOA) best practices and solve SOA anti-patterns of isolation, uniqueness and duplication. WSO2 will present a technical webinar on how IT professionals can optimize and extend their SOA implementations through new features, enhanced capabilities, and the superior performance of WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus 4.7.

The one-hour technical session, “WSO2 Product Release Webinar - Exploring the WSO2 ESB 4.7,” will run Thursday, August 22, from 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. PDT. Visit for more information.

Advanced Capabilities in Newest WSO2 ESB Release

The webinar will review key features and core capabilities of WSO2 ESB, which packs robust capabilities for mediation, integration, routing, and transformation—plus proven scalability of 1 billion-plus transactions today in a customer deployment—into a minimal footprint measured in megabytes. The session will then examine how new features and capabilities in WSO2 ESB 4.7 significantly improve performance over previous versions, enabling it to function better than other comparable ESBs in most scenarios. Key topics will include discussions of how:

  • The introduction of the new HTTP Endpoint and JSON Payload factory mediator facilitates the integration of RESTful backend services.
  • The improved Message Store/Processor implementation has boosted message processing throughput and overall performance.
  • The new Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) gives WSO2 ESB full functionality to proxy SSL connections.
  • The Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) and Certificate Revocation List (CRL) certificate revocation verification for HTTP transports allow WSO2 ESB to validate SSL certificates via certificate authorities.

Jointly leading the webinar will be Kasun Indrasiri and Ravi Unduptiya, both members of the WSO2 integration technologies team who focus on WSO2 ESB. Kasun is a WSO2 Architect, who has provided technology consulting on customer engagements, helping to successfully implement solutions for integrating Web services, SAP, FIX, and mobile services. Ravi is a WSO2 software engineer, who brings extensive experience with natural language processing (NLP) having carried out an evaluation of several text classification algorithms.

About WSO2

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