WSO2 to Present Webinar Series on API Design and Management Best Practices for Achieving a Connected Business

Five WSO2 technical webinars will explore API design and management with WSO2 API Manager; API guru Kin Lane will lead guest webinar on API analytics in the API economy

Mountain View, CA – July 8, 2015 – Making services and data available as APIs—internally and externally—is critical for enterprises seeking to become more connected businesses. To support this effort, WSO2 will present five technical webinars designed to help IT professionals strengthen their API design, management and analytics best practices using WSO2 API Manager.

As part of the webinar series, API Evangelist Kin Lane will examine how to use API analytics to build enterprise awareness in the API economy. The WSO2 API management webinars will run July 14 – August 18, 2015. To learn more, visit:

July 14: Building APIs from Scratch with WSO2 API Manager

Because more time and effort are spent on managing an API than creating it, developers need to consider API management from the design stage of an API. This session will discuss best practices and tools to help design and develop APIs. It will then show how to use the Swagger API framework to take an API from design to production with minimal effort. The session also will examine how to convert to a production-ready API using WSO2 API Manager, as well as how to test APIs with the SoapUI testing tool.

Jointly presenting the webinar will be Joseph Fonseka, WSO2 senior technical lead, and Madusanka Premaratne, WSO2 associate software engineer, who both focus on WSO2 API Manager development. The one-hour webinar will be held Tuesday, July 14, from 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. PDT. Visit to learn more.

July 21: WSO2 Guest Webinar – Building Enterprise Awareness with API Analytics in the API Economy

Modern API management solutions have progressed well beyond simply providing access management over those who integrate with digital resources. This webinar will discuss how enterprises can use the latest approaches to API management to increase awareness of their own operations as well as of the industry that they operate within. The session will also examine how these API management solutions, through the use of intelligent metrics, establish:

  • An awareness of who is accessing digital resources
  • How users put these resources to use
  • Which applications they are using it within
  • Network-level information about where they are accessing the resources from

Jointly leading the webinar will be guest presenter API Evangelist Kin Lane, and Nuwan Dias, WSO2 technical lead. The one-hour webinar will be held Tuesday, July 21 from 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. PDT. Visit for more information.

July 28: Extending Mediation Flow in WSO2 API Manager

Message mediation is a fundamental part of any enterprise service bus or API management solution. This webinar will discuss the mediation extension capabilities of WSO2 API Manager, which include providing sequence support, changing error messages using a sequence, adding handlers and more. The webinar also will examine how features, integrating features, such as throttling and caching, into message mediation allows WSO2 API Manager to be used at the frontend of an organization’s service-oriented architecture (SOA) infrastructure. Additionally, the session will explore cases where an API façade pattern can be used with the help of WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus.

Jointly presenting the webinar will be Sanjeewa Malalgoda, WSO2 associate technical lead, and Tharindu Dasun Dharmarathna, WSO2 associate software engineer. The one-hour webinar will be held Tuesday, July 28, from 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. PDT. To learn more, visit

August 11: Decoupling Key Management from WSO2 API Manager

With WSO2 API Manager 1.9, organizations have the ability to plug in existing OAuth providers and use existing OAuth clients for its operations. This helps organizations integrate WSO2 API Manager and add additional capabilities to existing APIs without having to upgrade existing clients or change the way they operate. This webinar will examine how the new features of WSO2 API Manager 1.9.0 allow users to manage OAuth clients, tokens and scopes in a desired location, and how to govern them using policies. It also will discuss the major architectural changes achieved when decoupling the OAuth 2 provider from WSO2 API Manager. Additionally, the session will present different use cases that can be achieved through this change.

Presenting will be Amila De Silva, WSO2 associate technical lead, who focuses on WSO2 product development. The one-hour webinar will be held Tuesday, August 11, from 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. PDT. Visit for more information.

August 18: Using a Third-Party Key Management System with WSO2 API Manager

In WSO2 API Manager 1.9, key management operations are no longer tightly coupled, giving developers the flexibility to integrate it with any existing authorization/key management system. This webinar will demonstrate how WSO2 API Manager can be plugged into a third-party key management system (MITREid Connect) in compliance with the OpenID Connect 2.0 specification. Topics covered in this session will include:

  • Configuration changes that need to occur in WSO2 API Manager
  • Java interfaces that need to be extended when developers write their own implementation
  • How to feed in the custom attributes required to create and manage clients created at third-party authorization servers using Jaggery REST APIs
  • A sample implementation with the third-party key management system

Jointly presenting the webinar will be Lalaji Sureshika, WSO2 associate technical lead, and Roshan Wijesena, WSO2 senior software engineer. The one-hour webinar will be held Tuesday, August 18, from 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. PDT. For more information, visit

About WSO2

About WSO2

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