WSO2 Webinar shows architects and developers how to optimize SOA governance productivity

Free webinar shares how to align different governance approaches with SOA requirements, shows how WSO2 Governance Registry support customization

Mountain View, CA – July 29, 2009 – Governance is central to managing the people, policies and processes of an enterprise service-oriented architecture (SOA). However, no one SOA governance solution fits all, and failing to address the specific needs of an enterprise SOA can lead to the complex policies and redundant services that slow system performance to a crawl.

Architects and developers who want to learn how to optimize governance for their enterprise SOAs are invited to attend the WSO2 webinar, “Effective SOA Governance with the WSO2 Governance Registry.” This free webinar will be held Tuesday, August 4, from 9 a.m.–10 a.m. Pacific.

The WSO2 webinar will provide developers and architects with effective governance strategies for measurably improving productivity in an enterprise SOA, as well as discuss governance patterns and how they support different SOA use cases. Attendees also will learn how the flexible, componentized WSO2 Governance Registry 3.0 can help customize their enterprise SOA easily and effectively.

Presenting will be Paul Fremantle, WSO2 co-founder and CTO, and vice president of the Apache Synapse project. Paul is a committer and member of the Apache Software Foundation and also is co-chair of the OASIS Web Services Reliable eXchange Technical Committee.

In addition to the webinar, WSO2 has developed a podcast that explains WSO2 Governance Registry 3.0 capabilities for implementing SOA governance policies and processes.

WSO2 Governance Registry 3.0 for Customizable SOA Governance

WSO2 Governance Registry 3.0, launched in July 2009, is a structured registry and repository that lets users define custom lifecycles with conditional state transitions. It also supports governance federation, provides alerts, and offers well-defined extension points for a flexible, plug-in approach to linking resources and allowing users to encode their own governance rules and polices. Combined with its governance dashboard for real-time monitoring—which adheres to the Google Gadget standard—and socially enabled interface, these capabilities facilitate collaboration in the management, ranking and reuse of enterprise Web services.

WSO2 Governance Registry 3.0 provides an alternative to monolithic governance solutions—empowering IT professionals with unprecedented flexibility to customize their SOA governance. It is based on WSO2 Carbon, the fully componentized SOA platform, which complies with the OSGi specification. As part of WSO2 Carbon, the WSO2 Governance Registry plugs into a unified graphical user interface and runs on the same core technology that provides all WSO2 Carbon components with enterprise-class management, security, clustering, logging, caching, throttling, statistics, and tracing. As a result, any components that are added are automatically recognized, eliminating the typical cost and complexity of integrating SOA governance across multiple middleware products.