Four Pillars of Innovation

Reinvent the Technology

WSO2 was founded on the belief that there was a better way to do middleware. A way that is simpler and more straightforward from start (project conception) to finish (long-term production management). This belief is imbued to the core with the importance of the principles that drove the incomparable success of the Web – open standards, recognizing heterogeneity, leveraging diverse technical skills.

We had the luxury to start from scratch, and make full benefit of hindsight, and we developed the most advanced middleware platform available today. Leveraging OSGi, WSO2’s component model enables a lean, high performance approach, self-consistent across the platform, and fully customizable – adapting to your project instead of forcing the project to adapt to the middleware. And this advanced platform has given us a huge springboard into the cloud – building multi-tenancy, elasticity, instant provisioning, and metering to the whole platform and making it available as a service in public and private clouds.

Reinvent the Business Relationship

The world has changed – though traditional software vendors haven’t. Although our technology is leading edge, we recognize the core value to a customer is the quality of the business relationship. So we’ve taken radical steps to orient ourselves to the customer.

All our software is 100% open source, built in an open and transparent development process at and at the Apache Software Foundation. That means there are never any license fees, no limited trial versions that expire before you’re done evaluating. And our use of the Apache License 2.0 means there are no onerous restrictions on our products, no emasculated “community versions” or dual licenses. All our code is enterprise ready out of the box.

The value we bring to the table is based solely on building a relationship with each customer designed to maximize their success. Through the highest quality training, support, consulting services, 24x7x365 production support, or an entire solution, our aim is to tailor our world-class expertise to each customers unique needs.

Reinvent the Support Model

We all hate getting a tech support flunky on the phone. And it’s especially unacceptable for a critical enterprise system. So we got rid of support engineers. Using our online support system we can quickly direct an incident to the best source of expertise – developers on the product or committers to the open source project. WSO2 support lets you interact directly with the best person in the world to resolve your issue quickly. When necessary, we provide hot fixes, patches, and service packs to keep your installation running smoothly.

Beyond production support, our support and service model allows you to purchase just the services you need, and not be forced to pay for bundled services of little value. This ensures you can maximize the value and together with zero license fees gives you the best ROI in the business.

We believe that satisfied and successful customers are the best way to make WSO2 a successful company. And we look forward to welcoming you into that relationship as well.

Create a Great Place to Work

The heart of WSO2 development and operations is in Colombo, Sri Lanka. After years in IBM Research, CEO and co-founder Sanjiva Weerawarana had a dream to not only reinvent the technology, business relationships, and support model for enterprise software, but also to bring Silicon Valley-style entrepreneurialism to Sri Lanka.

With close ties to the top local universities and access to the hottest talent, and building on Sri Lanka’s creative spirit and global leadership in open source technologies, WSO2 has become a hotbed for local innovators.

The development of world-recognized talent is aided by WSO2’s policy of encouraging employees to actually leave the company for doctoral studies abroad – over 20 at this writing. These employees are encouraged to return to WSO2, to found other entrepreneurial companies in Sri Lanka, or to find employment in other organizations where they can best lend their talents to making Sri Lanka and the world a better place.