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The Puppet modules are used to manage configurations and WUM updates.

System Requirements

  • Unix-based operating system
  • Functioning Internet connection


  • Install the Puppet server in the master node by following the Installation guide here.
  • Install the Puppet agent in the agent nodes by following the Installation guide here.

This guide assumes that the puppet environment is set up at /etc/puppet/code/environments/production. However, you can use any location by substituting the Puppet environment.


The Puppet package for WSO2 Stream Processor can be downloaded from here in the ZIP format.


From the Master node, download the package and unzip it to the Puppet environment.

unzip -d /etc/puppet/code/environments/production/

Navigate to the sp_editor_master module and run the build script.

cd /etc/puppet/code/environments/production/modules/sp_editor_master/

NOTE: If the puppet environment is set up elsewhere, change the value of the puppet_env variable in to the absolute path of the puppet environment.

While running the script, you are prompted to confirm whether you are a WSO2 subscription user. Answer accordingly and wait until the build is completed successfully.


Run the following commands on all of the Agent nodes.

export FACTOR_runtime=editor
puppet agent -vt

After the deployment has started, go to the following URL (web UI) using your web browser and log in using the default credentials.

Username: admin
Password: admin