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Organizations are often faced with information overload and enterprises that fail to cater to specific customer needs lose out to competitors. Analytics can help them become more familiar with customers and their requirements by optimizing communication so appropriate messages are pushed to them at the most opportune time and place.

Proximity Marketing

Streaming analytics for proximity marketing incorporates beacons and mobile infrastructure to locate customers and analyze their behavior and enhance their experience by providing them with exactly what they need. It enables organizations to highly customize their offerings based on context.


Contextual Recommendation

In a world with too many choices, online recommendations are effective. Yet, it overlooks many other possible behavioral purchase patterns. Streaming analytics elevates the product recommendation process by providing suggestions based on customer purchase history, seasonal trends, and product combinations that are not intuitive.


Ad Optimization

Most enterprises are struggling to achieve effective conversions via their digital marketing strategies as they cannot optimize ad placement contextually in real time. Streaming analytics correlates online user views/clicks with user demographics on social media and available marketing budgets and make advert bidding decisions within milliseconds.