WSO2 founders and employees have a long history in participating in Apache projects. Right from the get-go they’ve initiated projects such as Apache Axis2 and the Apache Synapse ESB along with contributing to over 20 Apache projects relating to Web services and SOA. Playing a significant and active role in the community, employees past and present have pushed for widespread adoption that are today endorsed by leading technology vendors and enterprises.

Beyond simply contributing to Apache projects, WSO2’s very foundation and vision is inspired by the “Apache Way”. From developing products, working together, making decisions as a community and via meritocracy, to the legal structure and how the business is run, WSO2 follows Apache’s success.

WSO2 products benefit from collaboration by both WSO2 and Apache communities

Collaboration by individuals around the world that together make up the WSO2 and Apache communities, help ensure high levels of security and reliability for WSO2 products. The community also helps by sharing extensions to the platform and translating products into different languages.

WSO2 offers enterprise-grade support with SLAs for both WSO2 products and select Apache projects

The same experts, committers and contributors to Apache and WSO2 projects, provide development and production support for WSO2 products and select Apache projects like Apache Axis2 and Apache Synapse.

The Apache Way

The Apache Software Foundation is a volunteer community of developers and users working together on about 150+ open source projects. The community of over 350 Members and 3,000 Committers follow “The Apache Way” - a set of principles centered around transparency, public email lists, consensus based decision making with voting, honest and respectful interactions and a passion for building consistently high quality software that faithfully implements open standards with a high regard for security. Individuals contribute suggestions and patches to projects and gain the merit or right to access the code repository and become “committers”.

WSO2 innovates to build market leading products at WSO2 Oxygen Tank

WSO2 products include and build upon Apache projects and WSO2 open source projects are developed at the developers portal - WSO2 Oxygen Tank. WSO2 innovations include products like WSO2 Data Services Server and WSO2 Carbon core - a set of OSGi based components that implement common functions like a built-in registry, OSGi bundle, service and user management, transports, security, logging, clustering, caching and throttling services, and a GUI console.

All WSO2 products are distributed under the most enterprise friendly Apache license

The Apache license is one of the most business friendly licenses, allowing companies to freely use, distribute and sell the software.

All WSO2 products are 100% open source Community editions - there are no separate Enterprise editions

Unlike many open source companies, WSO2 products are not separated into community and enterprise versions. There are no trial versions or crippled products. What you download and try is what you need to deploy in mission critical enterprise production environments.

WSO2 Products and related Apache and WSO2 Oxygen Tank Projects

WSO2 Product Includes these Apache projects Related WSO2 project
Apache Members, PMC Members and Committers