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Why Use WSO2 API Manager?

Easily and securely expose APIs

Easily and securely expose APIs to internal and external consumers.

Get real-time business insights and intelligence

Get real-time business insights and intelligence through APIs.

Run flexible deployments

Run flexible deployments while keeping service discovery seamless.

Support REST, GraphQL, and Async API

Support REST, GraphQL, and Async API and integrate with CI/CD.

Get advanced integration

Get advanced integration support.

Leverage powerful Graphical/CLI tooling

Leverage powerful Graphical/CLI tooling.

A Glimpse of Why Our Customers Love WSO2 API Manager

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  • Deepti-B

    Deepti B.

    WSO2 Practice Lead (Pre-Sales and Delivery) at Tech Mahindra - Integration | APIM | ESB | PMP® | AWS | Azure

    Easy to implement and complete API lifecycle management solution


    "WSO2 API Manager is open source and one can easily try and evaluate the product before buying it. It provides flexible deployment options across the board as well as distributed architecture solutions. It has a pretty good user interface and offers excellent customization options for integration with multiple products for CIAM implementation"

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  • Sachintha R.

    Sachintha R.

    Co-founder and Research Director at Emojot Inc.

    Highly scalable and agile API management solution


    "Very comprehensive cost-efficient API manager product with a lot of agility and scalability. Being free and open source was a great fit for us as a startup back in 2014. We could set up the on-premise solution by referring to the documentation and running since then without any major issues. It works perfectly with identity management solutions and we used it to easily manage multiple APIs..."

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  • Anusha P.

    Anusha P.

    Support API driven flexible development including rich set of security features


    "Flexible Security application to the APIs, by default security applys with Aouth2, different levels of security can be applied easily."

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  • Fatih E.

    Fatih E.

    Managing Partner at Volthread

    We offered WSO2 API Manager to many of our customers as an end-to-end enterprise API solution.

    four stars

    "WSO2 API Manager is one of the rare complete solutions that is fully open-source and provides all the basic functionalities that we require such as API security, API policy such as throttling, supporting SOAP web services and many more. The feature that I like the most is that it stands out from its competitors as an easy-to-manage product after it is installed, thanks to its very useful and..."

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  • Saif K.

    Saif K.

    Senior Software Engineer | Middleware | MuleSoft | IBM IIB | WSO2 (APIM , ESB) | SpringBoot | Java | ReactJs

    API Manager Saves the Day


    "I have used many of the application managers but the best thing about the wso2 API manager is, that it is easy to use and manage. There is no complexity for the beginner user, all the document is available online. Anyone can understand that document and become a master of it."

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  • Mohammed A.

    Mohammed A.

    Associate Software Engineer at Exzatech Consulting And Services Pvt. Ltd.

    WSO2 API Manager is the Promising tool to work with daily Environment in IT industry


    "1. Encouraging innovation, I have a great time working with the WSO2 API Manager to perform several operations which meet the user requirements. 2. It is the best software for everyone who loves to deploy and build, integrate, and expose your digital services as managed APIs in the cloud. 3. Overall experience with WSO2 API Manager is very good. I found it as one of the best tools for..."

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