Learn by use case

# Learn by use case

Let's take a look at the core CIAM use cases of Asgardeo.

# Authentication

See the following authentication scenarios covered in Asgardeo.

# Single Sign On (SSO)

With Asgardeo, you can enable users to provide their credentials once and obtain access to multiple applications. Thus, they do not have to remember multiple username/password pairs to access multiple services. User identities are managed at a central point. This is more secure, less complex, and easily manageable.

# Bring your own identity (BYOI)

Use Asgardeo to allow your users federated access to multiple systems across multiple trust domains using open identity standards. With Bring Your Own Identity (BYOID) approach, we provide social login with well-known identity providers.

# Conditional and multi-factor authentication

Use Asgardeo to ensure secure access for your users by enabling conditional and multi-factor authentication (MFA). You can apply the right level of security to each and every login request based on the user’s devices, networks, locations, and usage contexts instead of having a pre-configured static login flow for everyone to follow under all circumstances.

# User management

You can manage user identities and its lifecycles securely and efficiently within Asgardeo. This includes applying CRUD operations on users, controlling user activities through permissions, managing groups, defining authentication policies, managing external user stores, managing manual/automatic logout, and resetting user passwords.

Try user management with Asgardeo.

# Account security

You can secure user accounts in Asgardeo by configuring features such as bot detection, password validation, login-attempts security, token reuse for private key JWT client authentication, etc.

Try the account security features in Asgardeo.

# Share applications with Business-to-Business (B2B) organizations

You can create a B2B organization structure in Asgardeo to represent all your partner/customer organizations. You can easily onboard new partner/customer organizations, expose your applications to their users, and allow those organizations to manage their identity and access management requirements.

Try a B2B use case in Asgardeo.

# Self-service capabilities

Asgardeo provides self-service interfaces for users to self-register, reset passwords, and manage their user accounts with ease.

Try user self-service in Asgardeo.

With Asgardeo, your users can select which user attributes they want to share with applications, easily review the consents they have provided for each application, and revoke one or many of them as required.

Learn about consent management in Asgardeo.

# Branding

You can customize the user interfaces (UIs) presented to your users during the login, multi-factor authentication (MFA), sign-up (self registration), and account recovery flows according to the theming guidelines of your organization. You can also customize the URLs of Asgardeo-powered interfaces and email templates.

Try branding configurations in Asgardeo.