Configure self-registration

# Configure self-registration

Users can self-register to an organization in Asgardeo via an application’s login page. This creates a new user account in the organization.

# Enable/Disable self-registration

To disable this capability in your organization or to change the default configurations, see the following instructions:

  1. On the Asgardeo console, click Manage > Self Registration. Configure self registration

  2. Configure the below settings.

    • To disable self-registration, turn off the toggle.

    • To configure how self-registration works, update the following settings and click Update.

      Account Verification Enables email verification at self-registration.
      Account verification link expiry time Specifies account verification link expiry time in minutes. If you enter 60 min, the account verification email expires after 60 min.
      Activate account immediately Activates the account without waiting for account verification.

      If Activate account immediately and Account verification are both selected, the user will still be able to log in. However, the administrators can decide to limit certain functionalities for unverified accounts.

# Configure self-registration options

A user is able to self-register to your organization using the same methods that you have configured as sign-in options for your applications.

Refer to the documentation on how to configure sign-in options for your application.

Currently, Asgardeo does not support Magic Links for self-registration.

For information on how a user can self-register, refer to Try self-registration.