Password recovery for users

# Password recovery for users

The My Account portal is in preview mode. We are working on adding more features to enhance the experience of the user.

Users can recover a forgotten password by following the instructions on the Asgardeo sign-in page.

Alternatively, if the account owner is already signed in to the self-service portal, the password can be updated using the My Account portal.

# Prerequisites

Password recovery should be enabled for business users in the organization.

# Recover password

Users onboarded from remote user stores do not have the capability of recovering their password on My Account.

To reset the password, the account owner should follow these steps.

  1. Go to the login page via a business application or the My Account portal.

    Recover your password
  2. Click Forgot password?

  3. Enter your username and click Send Reset Link. Forgot your password

    An email notification is sent to your email address.

  4. Open the email you received and click Reset Password. Reset password email

  5. Enter new password and Proceed.

Now you have reset your password and can sign in using your new password.

# Check password recovery email

Users can also check the email address to which their password recovery information is sent to.

  1. In the user's MyAccount portal, navigate to Security > Account Recovery. Account recovery in Asgardeo MyAccount
  2. Click the eye icon, to check the recovery email address.

    The recovery email address will be the user's email address. This cannot be updated.

  3. Click Done.