Asgardeo Trailblazer Program

Become an early adopter of the next big disruptor in the CIAM industry! Asgardeo is an IDaaS solution that provides a simple and better way to secure login access to your apps in minutes. Sounds interesting? Here’s how you can become an Asgardeo Trailblazer!

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Explore limitless possibilities

Get involved and help shape the future of Asgardeo to make developer lives easier.


the latest product features and provide feedback


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Here’s what you get!

By joining the Trailblazer Program, you’ll receive the following benefits.

Discounted subscription fees of up to 70%

3-year price lock-in, giving you investment visibility and predictability

Take advantage of unrivaled features to Advanced access to Pro and Enterprise Features

Co-marketing activities to help you raise your profile and share our story

Priority assistance for your project, including 1:1 workshops with leading IAM experts

Asgardeo SWAG for you and your team!

Choreo Introduction


Asgardeo is built for developers in startup companies or small to medium businesses. However, the Trailblazer program is open to any individual or student that wants to give us feedback and can benefit from the program.

Get in touch with us and we’ll have a brief discussion on your requirements, timelines, etc. So long as our roadmaps and growth plans align, we’ll come up with a customized pricing plan for you… and off we go

  • You will be either working on a project that requires the Asgardeo features and functionality or in the next 2 -3 months
  • Happy to provide your feedback throughout the program
  • Be an advocate for Asgardeo, by participating in co-marketing activities

With Asgardeo you can:

  • Integrate login for web applications using REACT, Angular and Javascript SDKs over open identity standards
  • Single Sign-On/ Single Logout across applications
  • Add email/password login, social login (Google, Facebook, Github) or federate to external IdPs over open identity standards (OIDC/SAML)
  • Secure access for applications with Multi-Factor Authentication (Email OTP, TOTP)
  • Enrich and manage user profiles, and enable user self-service
  • Integrate login for web/mobile and service to service applications via standard protocols (SAML, OIDC, OAuth)

Limited places available Asgardeo’s Trailblazer Program is limited to a maximum of 20 Trailblazers, so join now and don’t miss out!

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