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[Video] Setting up custom URL for API Store and Gateway

Your company URL is an important part of your developer community experience. There are two scenarios in which subscribers see URLs and both are supported by WSO2 API Cloud:

  • The URL under which the API Store (developer portal) is available,
  • Gateway URL that is the base URL for your APIs.

Customizing them follows the same pattern:

  1. Map CNAME record for your custom URL to API Cloud custom DNS endpoint:,
  2. Configure API Cloud to accept these URLs and upload SSL certificates.

We have created a quick video that shows the entire configuration process including creating CNAME records and obtaining SSL certificates:

If you prefer to read a step-by-step tutorial, you can find it here.

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Custom API Publisher Info for Your APIs

Your subscribers need to know who is behind the APIs that they consume. Depending on your scenario, you might want to set the API owner information to the individual who published the API, a particular team in your company, or just the company itself. WSO2 API Cloud lets you easily implement any of these approaches.

By default, API Store will display the internal name of the individual who published the API:


To change it to your team name or company name, simply provide the proper name at the last step of API editing wizard:

Provide API owner information

Once you publish the API with the owner information filled in, API Store starts reflecting the new owner information in the user interface:

Customized API business owner

This is just one of the ways you can control your branding and the way your subscribers see your company.

See also this post on changing API Store styles, logos, and URLs.

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